Ayurvedic Therapies

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda Sanskrit: आयुर्वेद, Āyurveda, “life-knowledge”

Ayurveda is the traditional medicinal system of India. First developed over 2,000 years ago, Ayurveda is still practiced in hospitals and homes across India today. Within the health science of Ayurveda, the total human system is taken into consideration. The 3 constitutional Doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha incorporate not only the physical form but also the emotional, mental and energetic tendencies of the person. Ayurveda sees everything as having life force energy and energetic properties: plants and herbs, human beings, organ systems, as well as seasons, breathing techniques, postures and bodywork practices. The practice of Ayurveda aims to understand the constitutional balance of the client and to meet each person’s individual needs with therapies that are energetically appropriate to bring them back into optimal balance.

Ayurvedic Massage

60, 90 or 120 Minute Service

Reconnect to your vital energy and restore your natural rhythm. Ayurvedic Massage uses herbal oils individual chosen for your dosha at the time, boosting function at every level from the emotional and physical to the spiritual and intuitive. It helps alleviate fatigue, energy deletion, restores you to a calm state while soothing muscles.

Abhyanga Massage

60, 90 or 120 Minute Service

A traditional Ayurvedic full body massage using  synergetic and rhythmic massage strokes along the energy lines of the body bringing perfect equilibrium and harmony between body and mind. Each treatment uses warm healing oils appropriate for your dosha at the time.



60, 90 or 120 Minute Service

A classical Ayurvedic therapy which commences with a relaxing body massage followed by warm, herbal oil being gently poured over the forehead. Shirodhara is also known as third eye therapy. This therapy relieves stress, anxiety, insomnia and has a powerful therapeutic results while rejuvenating the nervous system.

Shiro Mardhana

30 or 60 Minute Service

This Indian head massage addresses the stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulder region using warm, herb infused Triphaladi oil. It nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth as well.

Pada Mardhana

30 or 60 Minute Service

This intensive Indian foot massage uses camphor-infused oil, warm herbal towels and essential oils to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and soreness in the lower legs. A highly relaxing treatment.

Ayurvedic Consultation with Bernadette

30 or 60 Minute Service

In an Ayurvedic Consultation, Bernadette will be listening to your goals, challenges and primary constitution through the language of Ayurveda. She will be able to provide an evaluation of your primary Dosha and Ayurvedic suggestions for stress reduction, skincare therapy and lifestyle balancing.