Britta Livonius

200hr RYT

Britta discovered yoga at a young age, borrowing VHS tapes from her mother. She practiced yoga on and off over the years, eventually developing a regular practice to combat chronic pain resulting from a shoulder injury. In 2016 Britta traveled to Colombia on a yoga and mindfulness retreat where she had a vision of herself completing yoga teacher training to challenge herself and deepen her own practice. During her 200 hour teacher training Britta developed a love of teaching yoga and discovered she was passionate about sharing how yoga had changed her life. Since graduating from Arcana School of Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training in 2018, Britta enjoys bringing her passion for learning and sharing knowledge to her students. With a focus on mindfulness and authenticity, Britta’s classes are both centering and energizing. In her classes Britta creates space for students to explore sensation, focus on alignment and find balance between effort and ease.