Rivers of Light: Healing through Yin Yoga and Reiki


Wednesday, January 6th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Come and participate in the workshop listed above, in a limited and small class setting to increase the
amount of time each workshop participant will receive Reiki. This workshop will have a very small capacity, (6 participants), intentionally designed to give each participant an extended experience of Reiki, bringing this practice to a place of deep saturation and a full inner journey.

As this workshop will incorporate a larger amount of individual attention and customized work, attendance rate is closer to that of an individual session. For this location, please bring your own mat and blanket. If you do not have these items, please contact Mea.

Pre-Registration for this workshop is required.

Cost of workshop: $45 (Gift Certificates are available for this workshop through Arcana)

To Register: through Arcana by phone 207-773-7801 or in person at 81 Market St.


Traditional Reiki I Experience & Certification:

For already attuned Reiki practitioners of any level and any other lineage.Unknown

Saturday, January 16th, 12pm-4pm 

Arcana, 81 Market St. Portland, ME

This course contains all of the knowledge and practice of a traditional Shoden (1st Degree – Initial Teachings) Usui Reiki Ryoho degree, but is custom-designed for practitioners of western traditions who have already been initiated into the Reiki system of natural healing through other lineages. This course is a dynamic blend of informational discussion, history, traditional meditation, energy-building techniques, and hands-on practice. Each student will receive Reiju (“spiritual blessing”), as traditionally given by Mikao Usui, as a part of their education. At the end of the course, students will receive certification as traditional Shoden level Usui Reiki pracittioners. Course material includes:

– The true history and origins of Reiki (Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to the US via Hawaii in 1938 changed much of this story to be accepted by westerners in a culture of growing anti-Japanese sentiment on the horizon of WWII)

– the concept of Attunement and the original intention of Reiju, which is the origin of attunement

-The 3 Diamonds of the Japanese Energetic System, the Hara
(traditional Reiki did not work with the chakra system of India as taught in the west, this was an addition by Takata’s granddaughter who went on to name herself the lineage bearer of all of Reiki and establish the Reiki Alliance in the US)

– Traditional energy-building meditations taught by Usui to increase Reiki energy within the body and aid in clearing the practitioner

– Discussion on the concept of hand positions and direct practice in hands-on healing

-Engaging discussion with any questions you may have as you integrate this knowledge as a traditional Reiki practitioner in your community.

This course is open to all levels of Reiki practitioner, from Shoden to Shinpiden (the term “master” is also a western term introduced by Takata. Usui used the word Shinpiden, meaning “Mystery Teachings”), who wish to deepen their practice. The course will be held at the beautiful Arcana in downtown Portland.

Cost of total course, including traditional Shoden manual and certiciation: $85
There is a total capacity of 8 students for this course. Advance registration is required and highly suggested, as this course will fill.

To register: contact Arcana at 207-773-7801 or visit in person at 81 Market St. in Portland, ME. Payment is due at time of registration and can be processed over the phone. Gift Certificates are available for this course through Arcana.


Reiki 1 Certification Course, with Mea Tavares

Mondays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Feb 8, 15, 22nd


Cost of course: $210

Reiki is a holistic energy-medicine system which empowers us to facilitate healing in both ourselves and others through personal energetic development and simple, energy-based touch. The system of Reiki is, in essence, about remembering our True selves. From this place of remembering simplicity, centeredness and compassion, healing energy for ourselves and others flows naturally. The traditional System of Reiki consists of 5 elements, all of which are essential components of becoming a Reiki practitioner: Developing Spiritual and Mental Focus, Techniques and Meditations, Hands-On Healing, Mantras & Symbols, and Reiju (Spiritual Blessing)/Attunement.

This 3 week experiential course in traditional Shoden level (1st Degree) Usui Reiki will provide each student with a personalized journey to becoming a 1st Degree Certified Reiki Practitioner through the 5 elements of Reiki. Course offerings are dynamic and diverse, including a robust curriculum of experiential exercises, traditional esoteric anatomy, clinical skills, hands-on Reiki sequences for the self and others, and direct practice. Supplemental self-guided activities between each class session will also be provided to deepen the connection to the Self. Students will receive certification as 1st Degree Reiki Practitioners at the culmination of the course, empowering them to use this work as practitioners in their daily lives and in their communities.

TO REGISTER, please call 207-773-7801. Payments can be taken over the phone or in person.



Reiki II Certification Course: March Dates Coming Soon 

3 week series on or Around the Spring Equinox

Gift Certificates will be available in time for the winter holidays

Stay Tuned <3

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Free Talk with Mea Tavares: The Roots of Reiki

date to be determined

Join Mea Tavares for a12002932_10153467113475783_4768265963151084254_n  free, informative talk on the true history of this sacred system of natural healing.

For 90 minutes, Mea Tavares will discuss the real origins of Reiki, the philosophies and the true foundations of this often misunderstood practice. Traditional meditation and self-clearing practices to build and clear our energetic systems, developed my Mikao Usui who founded the practice we now call Reiki, will be taught to all who attend. This talk is open to all and aims to answer the question “what is Reiki and where does it come from?” in a way that is equally important for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners of all levels.

The picture at the top of this event is Mikao Usui’s memorial stone, donated by his students to rest at his gravesite at the Pure Land Buddhist Saihoji Temple in Tokyo. The text is the history of his life and his great work: pioneering the Usui System of Reiki Healing. The truth is literally written in stone, but has remained mostly in Japan since 1927. When Reiki was brought to the west in 1938 by a practitioner named Hawayo Takata, much of the system we know today as Reiki was changed from its original form. Much of what we have been taught – by our well-meaing teachers, who were taught by their well-meaning teachers, were the teachings of Takata who taught in parable rather than verified, historical facts.

There is much to learn. Such as the fact that hands-on healing, which is used interchangeably with the word “Reiki”, is only one aspect of a 5-pointed system of spiritual development and healing. In truth, Mikao Usui referred to this only as “palm healing technique”. There are other, vital elements to this system that have not been emphasized in the west, chosen this way by Takata, because she felt that westerners would not be able to understand or practice the traditional Japanese practice of spiritual development which is the original foundation of Reiki.