Crystal Bodywork


Crystal Bodywork is a powerful tool of transformation, able to gently facilitate the release of energy that no longer serves us and guide us into resonant harmony of body, mind and spirit. Within a session, crystals are both placed on the body and used intuitively as tools to work directly with the subtle layers of the body that extend deep within and beyond the physical form. For our practitioner, Hillary Dickerson, learning and refining this work has been a lifetime journey with many guides. In a session, she draws on both this inherited knowledge and the sacred, silent conversation of guidance that comes from listening deeply to the client’s energetic system.


At Arcana, you can receive Crystal Bodywork with Hillary as either a full 60 minute stand-alone session or in a 30 minute session seamlessly integrated into your massage or reflexology session. All Crystal Bodywork sessions with Hillary contain the practices described in the Crystal Bodywork & Massage/Reflexology description. A full 60 minute Crystal Bodywork session goes deeper to allow the full expression and practice of this work.


Crystal Bodywork & Massage

After the body has been brought into a deep state of relaxation through massage or reflexology, Hillary will begin to integrate Crystal Bodywork into your session by connecting with your system through gentle cranial bodywork, opening the energy flow of the cervical spine and the major energetic channels in the body through grounded, conscious touch. She will listen intuitively to the balance of the chakras, primary nadis, meridians and etheric layers of self to divine the work required to bring the system into optimal alignment.


Depending on the guidance received, crystals will be applied to the physical body in a pattern known as crystal layout that aligns with the major energetic channels of the body. This facilitates the flow, release and recharging of the major energetic systems of the body and their manifestations in the physical form. Within a 30 minute session, a crystal layout will be applied to either the front or the back of the body. As you are receiving the work of the crystals placed on the body, Hillary will work in the subtle layers of the energetic body using off-body crystalwork practices and intuitive guidance.


Crystal Bodywork Full Session

In a full Crystal Bodywork session, Hillary will begin with the practices offered in a 30 minute session. You will receive the re-balancing and alignment of crystal layouts on both the front and the back of the body, setting the energetic lay-lines of the system in the optimal alignment to receive the intuitive work of the session. Within a 60 minute session session, Hillary will draw on the full scope of her practices to facilitate release and re-alignment of your total energetic system. This work is inspired, connected and intuitive and is guided by what each person needs in the moment. She will work in the subtle, energetic layers of your system with off-body crystal work, facilitating the gentle release of attachments and energy that no longer serves, as well as guiding the system back into alignment that allows you to connect fully to your own inner energy reserves within, transforming from the inside out.