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Integrated Energywork

Energy work helps facilitate the flow of life force that we inherently possess as humans in our bodies and surrounding field. “Energy” is called many things across cultures including: electricity, prana, ojas, qi and chi. If flows through systems such as the nadis, chakras and meridians. Recipients of energy work report alleviation from stress and disease, as well as increased feelings of peace, balance, and well being.

Our energy workers draw from a plethora of training, skill sets and their own innate abilities to help you find alignment and empower you in participating in your own healing process. Practitioners utilize methods such as: Reiki, polarity, Ayurvedic bodywork, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, crystal bodywork and more.

Intuitive Readings

Our readers offer authentic, grounded sessions that help you find guidance when you need it most. Astrology, tarot cards, and  deep intuitive powers are all used to help light your path. Customized spellwork from Arcana practitioners is also available upon request.


"Love this store!! They carry such a unique variety of items .. I spent at least 45 minutes just walking around to look at everything!

The vibe in here is wonderful .. I could feel that the woman working there was there, not as an employee, but as a genuine ‘worker of the light’; I felt that in creating this wonderful little shop, and those working there have been working so hard, putting all their hearts and souls into this space, and it truly shows/ is felt! You can feel the ‘magic’ in the shop (I can still feel it coming off of the items I bought, which tells me that it’s certainly one of the true ones!) Such a cozy little place, but it’s filled with truly magical and powerful healing items, in such a wide variety - whatever you need, you can find it here!

I’ve only visited the shop once after hearing about it, but I’ll most definitely be back! So, here’s to Arcana - keep up the great work in being one of the brave ones working to make this world what it CAN, SHOULD, & WILL BE! YOUR LIGHT IS SO VERY NEEDED!

Sending much love and light your way!"

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