Intuitive Readings and Shamanic Work

What is Shamanic Healing Work?

Shamanic Healing and Balancing Sessions (60 min)

Shamanic Healing Sessions focus on locating heavy, stuck energy in the body and energetic field, and in the process, guiding the body towards its recognition of its natural state of energetic balance.

**Each session is personalized and uniquely tailored to fit the needs of each individual during their healing process.

Private Healing Sessions May Include:
Hands On Healing
Guided Journey
Physical Movement Exercises (Modified to fit varying physical fitness levels)
Soul Retrieval
Past Life Regression
Clearing And Balancing Of Energetic Centers
Belief Tracking

What are Intuitive Readings?

Intuitive Guidance Sessions (30/60 min)

With a primary focus on deep healing and transformation, Intuitive Guidance Sessions utilize the visual elements of the ancient Tarot and Pia’s own intuitive knowledge of Shamanic Energy Medicine and clairvoyance to provide direction, balance, health and clarity for your life journey.

These services are available on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with Pia Louise Capaldi