30 minute targeted area massage $45
60 minute massage $85
90 minute massage $125

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 Massage offerings at Arcana

Our team of massage therapists all share the common goal of tuning into the unique needs of every client with mindful care. At Arcana, we practice an integrated approach where deep tissue, neuromuscular, and swedish massage techniques may be utilized according to the preferences of each client.

In addition to these techniques, some of our massage therapists have specific areas of Energy Work expertise such as Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, and Crystal Bodywork. These services can be integrated into your massage by scheduling with the practitioner who provides them.  

You can explore these services and the by learning more about The Practitioners. We believe in providing what each client needs in each moment, and our talented therapists are able to draw on a host of skillsets and techniques to meet you in a moment and give you exactly what you require.

*Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all bodywork appointments. Failure to cancel an appointment within 24 hours, or absence from a scheduled appointment, will result in the client being responsible for full payment of the scheduled service.

**A discounted 90 minute session time is available in the evening of each day after the times listed above, starting 15 minutes before our evening yoga class and ending 15 minutes after class finishes. Reservations for this appointment must be made over the phone at 207-773-7801 or in person at the Arcana front desk.

Our Clients’ Experiences with Massage at Arcana

“I have had massage and bodywork all over the world and my bodywork session at Arcana was the best experience I have ever had. The space is magical and everyone is very friendly. I will be back often.”

“I took my wife on a surprise vacation. Arcana was one of many stops on the trip. The owner was friendly, professional and accommodating. The therapist was fantastic. Best stop of our trip. I highly recommend.”

“Hillary is someone very special with an incredibly intuitive sense for engaging the pain, gauging the severity of the situation with such a gentle touch, and creating a palpable sense of space for a whole new level of healing.”

“Kellie’s massage was mesmerizing! I’ve had a lot of massages, so many that I practically know the steps before they are performed. Not so with this massage. Kellie’s energy and intention left me feeling like I was on another planet. I’m not kidding, I walked out of the salon forgetting my bags I was so blissed out!”

“From the warm greeting to the skilled massage, the experience was perfect… I arrived tight and uncomfortable from spending way too much time in a car; I left completely relaxed.”

“Thank you for the compassionate care and effective body work recently given to me by one of your gifted practitioners. It was just what I needed. Thank you!”