Melanie Turcot

Certified 375 Hour Yoga Teacher

Coming to yoga with a background in music and naturopathy Melanie has developed through her years of practice a strong sense of, and appreciation for, the innate healing capacity of Nature accessible within. She respects and honours the human body as it is: a perfectly orchestrated piece of divine art that we have yet to learn more from. Her gentle yoga classes offer plenty of opportunity to connect with one’s inner wisdom and develop a satisfying relationship between one’s body, mind, and spirit.

In 2013 Melanie became certified as a 375-Hour Hatha Yoga teacher in Montreal, Quebec studying for nearly 3 years under the mentorship of Osteopath and yoga teacher Patrick Salibi (OSTEO YOGA). She is also trained in Yin Yoga and is currently a student at Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with intentions to complete her yoga therapy training in the coming years.

Yoga is more than simply a practice on the mat for Melanie. She is constantly striving to integrate the deeper aspects of life with the more mundane components of the world in order to feel connected inside with that impulse which makes her come alive. Her wish is for everyone to also find a sacred space within themselves where knowledge and healing coincide.