Miranda Rodway

Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher

Miranda, a Falmouth native, has returned to Maine after almost 8 years of sampling life and yoga in other states with the objective of helping fellow Mainers raise their self awareness and find their own unique sense of inner stillness through the practice. After approximately 2 years of being a devoted student, the sudden death of her mother moved her to become a teacher. Having trained in Fiji with Mark Whitwell’s Heart of Yoga program, Miranda appreciates simplicity in her teaching and aims to encourage students to get in touch with their own breath and inner stillness through nurturing self acceptance and love. This hatha lineage originates with Trimulai Krishnamacharya, and its main focus lies in tailoring the yoga practice for individual needs. Miranda’s primary objective in teaching yoga is to help students realize their own inner power and ability to heal physical and emotional wounds in a healthy and sustainable way to live longer, healthier lives and to feel better inside and out.