Philosophy & Class Styles

Arcana Yoga: Yoga For the Soul

Our Philosophy:

Arcana means hidden knowledge or mystery teachings.  At Arcana, our aim is to “bring”  these teachings back to the people.  Yoga, Ayurveda and  Reiki all hold vital  potential to heal a wounded world. When we say “bring” these teachings back, what we really mean is to uncover them, to rediscover them. These lessons are not obtained, they are embodied, hidden within. Through movement,  breath, and voice we aim to empower each other, enhance feelings of equanimity, and create safer spaces for healing. Creating safer spaces includes using inclusive, invitational language, emphasizing the principles of yoga and the not just posture, always encouraging the use of props, and remaining dedicated to our own ongoing evolution.  To many,  Arcana is an urban haven, offering the chance to breathe, ground, and experience radical wellness amongst the busyness of life.  Together  in spiritual practice, we stand stronger than we could alone, creating powerful potential to up  lift both  ourselves and our community.


Class Styles

Vinyasa Yoga (60 Mins)

Arcana’s vinyasa yoga classes have something to offer everyone, from the brand  new to the seasoned yogi. Our classes are energetic, smooth, and full of mindful breathing. We flow from posture to posture but never rush. In a typical Vinyasa class, you can expect to warm the body on the mat, move through varied sun salutations or moon salutations, ground and  balance in standing  postures, and then make your way back downward to cool and relax in a long savasana.  You’ll get more than a workout and stretch at Arcana. We offer you the chance to flow with the world around you and within you through subtly themed classes that connect our bodies to the seasons, celestial bodies, sacred philosophies, and the divine power that resides in us all.  Many of our yoga teachers are trained in both yoga and Reiki, so you might  also get  to try out our signature “Reiki savasana”.


Movement & Meditation (45 Mins)

In this gentle morning practice, we will move from seated, centering practices to awakening into movement through gentle flow, light unwinding of the body and conscious movement of breath. After a brief stillness in savasana, we transition into seated meditation to close our practice and begin our day in the bliss of stillness.


Yin Yoga & Meditation (75 Mins)

Yin yoga often feels more like body work than a work-out. In fact, we like to think of it as a “work-in”. It’s the yin to our yang practices like Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram, Power Yoga, or other forms of exercise, the moon to our sun. Postures are generally held for 3-5 minutes in relative stillness. Yin yoga works deeply on various layers of our being, calming the nervous system,  helping  release patterns stored in connective tissue fibers, and facilitating healthy flow in the  lymphatic system,  as well as  the energetic body. Teachers often begin or end a Yin class with a short meditation practice. This style of yoga can be accessible to all, uses a plethora of props, and is perfect for the busy modern day human who needs  a little stillness amongst the chaos.


Integrated Yoga & Bodywork (60 Mins)

These gentle flow classes are  lead by yoga instructors also trained in bodywork. Class starts with subtle movements to churn the joints, facilitate blood flow, and loosen the body. They might also include chanting, intuitive movement , deep stretching, and mindful breathing along the way. Meditative Movement ends with restorative postures and long savasanas that include integrated, applied bodywork. Teachers draw from Reiki, Polarity, Massage and Ayurveda to help bring individuals into alignment through posture, hands on healing, and artful adjustment.


Chakra Yoga (60 Mins)

Chakra is Sanskrit for  “spinning wheel”. Yogis believe there are seven major chakras along the spine that govern much of our interactions with the world. They are also thought to affect our health, emotional balance, and wellbeing. Chakra yoga classes are blended hatha yoga classes aimed at balancing the seven Chakras and major nadis (channels for energy). Each week focuses on a different chakra, starting with the first and ending with the seventh, before cycling through again. You can find out which chakra we are each week  on by visiting our instagram or facebook page.


Donation Community & Recovery Classes (60 Mins)

Our Community and Recovery Donation classes are gentle, all levels yoga flow classes. A suggested donation of $5-15 dollars is requested to participate, payable by cash, debit/credit or check. These classes are our way to give back to the community through accessible yoga. All proceeds after teacher payment from Tuesday night’s Recovery Donation class are donated to The Family Restored, an organization that supports the families and friends of those who struggle with addiction. We encourage you to check out this incredible organization at:

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