Sarah Heeley

Certified Bars Facilitator
Reiki II

As a practicing massage therapist working with bodies for the past 12 years, Sarah has honed her skill of tuning in to the energy of what the body requires and is willing to receive. With this she creates a very balanced and nurturing experience for her clients. Enhancing her skills, Sarah has more deeply explored her spiritual and energetic connection with herself and with bodies, which has added a deeper connection to her practice and clients. In addition to massage therapy, Sarah is a Reiki II practitioner and a Access Consciousness Bars™ practitioner and facilitator.  Using her energetic capacities has allowed Sarah to speak to bodies in a different way than ever before. She talks to the body often asking, “body what are you willing to receive today?” Body, what can I contribute to you that will be most beneficial to you? Body what else is possible today that we never even considered? Asking these questions to the body creates a space for bodies to acknowledge where they are, ask for what they desire and to relax into and allow the healing to happen. Because each person and body requires something unique every session looks different. Sometimes it’s a rigorous sports massage, other times it’s a gentle nurturing energetic massage combo.

Sarah also offers full Access Consciousness Bars sessions where 32 points on the head are gently touched to release anything that is holding you back from receiving. Receiving this work can be extremely relaxing as your brain waves slow down during a session allowing the release of old patterns and thought processes that have been running since childhood or beyond. Clients’ experiences with Access Consciousness Bars range from feeling deep relaxation as if they just received a good massage,all the way to life-changing shifts in held thought, emotional, behavioral patterns and beyond. “How much are you willing to receive today?”

Our Clients’ Experiences with Sarah at Arcana:

“Sarah Heeley, massage therapist (and healer!), gives the most therapeutic massage I’ve ever received. Her balance of techniques, and intuitive touch always seem to be spot on for my needs. As a new mother, especially, she has given my mind rest, my heart ease, and my body much needed rejuvenation. Best of the best!”

“Sarah Heeley, as always, is a superb massage specialist. I recommend her highly. And the added convenience of a downtown location.”

“I stumbled upon Arcana and Sara H. by way of a Living Social deal. A deal it was, Sara has been able, over the course of a few months, rid my body of a major stress area!!”