Kellie Ryan


Kellie’s focus as a practicing massage therapist is to give people a place to land, and be in total receptivity.

In a world of give and take, Kellie’s massage is simply for Receiving. Kellie practices an integrative approach using neuromuscular therapy for direct and concise work with areas of distress, and believing in a blend of Deep tissue and Swedish to comfort and clear out areas where moving energy is needed. Holding and rocking the body to encourage it to release on its own is also a possibility.

Practicing for over 7 years and trained from FLSM in NY state, Kellie appreciates the art of presence and articulating the levels of pleasure and sensation in the body. In all the variety lives Kellie’s work as a healer and a compassionate presence to the body below her hands. In deep gratitude she works and touches the sacred.


Our Clients’ Experiences with Kellie at Arcana:

Kellie is the most outstanding, healing, sensitive massage therapist ever! After several massages with Kelly, I feel it is a privilege to work with her to attain my optimum health. One of a kind experience. Thank you.”

I suffer from migraines and an assortment of back and hip issues. To find a massage / healing practitioner who can do it all to get me back in good order can be challenging. I have been to Kellie four times and everytime she hits the bullseye. I highly recommend Kelli as she is always mindful, has wonderful talents and excellent knowledge and tools.”

Kellie has that rare combination of technical skill and intuitive sense which leads to an amazing massage experience. Even if you currently have a massage therapist you like I highly recommend you give her a try!”