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Arcana means hidden knowledge or mystery teachings, a word used to describe ancient truths sought by alchemists. At Arcana, our aim is to empower individuals by bringing these teachings back to the people through our shop, healing arts center, yoga studio and school. We help clients tap into their own creative nature and unique spirits through holistic health modalities like yoga, massage, Reiki, meditation, Ayurveda, herbalism, astrology, tarot reading and more. Our tight-knit team is here to help you become your own healer by utilizing resources from deep within yourself, your community, from ancient teachings and from mother earth.

May you find radical reconciliation in your own embodiment, radiant health, and may you thrive.

With Love,

Our Massage Room in Portland Maine

Healing Arts

At Arcana, we believe beings are multi-layered and that integrated hands-on bodywork practices and intuitive arts are essential to well-being and health. In our two cozy treatment rooms, we offer Integrated Massage and Integrated Energy work, Thai Yoga Massage, as well as Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Readings. We also have nourishing add-ons available for your appointments including: CBD infused herbal oils, Reflexology and hot stones.

Basket of Our Oils/Herbs

Local Craft

Come visit our mystical shop in the heart of the Old Port to see our wide selection of local art, jewelry, books, tarot cards, botanicals, elixirs, body care products, yoga props, organic CBD, and our beautiful, unique gemstones and crystals. We proudly carry high quality products to support our clients in their healing processes and we always source the majority of our inventory locally.

Women Performing Yogo in Portland Maine

Soulful Yoga

Arcana yoga classes aim to empower students through movement, breath, meditation and stillness. Our teachers celebrate inclusive language, consensual touch, spiritual principles, the power of both action and rest, and encourage the use of props. We often incorporate nourishing energy work like Reiki, crystal use, and massage into classes to further support students. More details on yoga offerings are available on our schedule.

Arcana School Of Yoga

Dive into your own journey of radical wellness with 200 hours of immersion into self, practice, ancient philosophy, dynamic anatomy, the subtle energy body, teaching techniques, diversity and more.

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