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Hayley Costell

She/Her | Licensed Massage Therapist | Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Beginning her journey as a dancer going to body workers for related injuries, Hayley quickly became fascinated with the human body and it’s unique patterns of healing and compensatory movement. Diving right into massage soon after, she incorporated her knowledge of movement and musculature from both spheres of education to tailor each bodywork session to the individual client’s needs.
Hayley received her massage education from Panacea school of integrative health,
graduating in 2015, incorporating her knowledge of swedish massage techniques, myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, and craniosacral therapy into her massage practice.



Sofia SanMarco

She/Her | Licensed Massage Therapist | Reiki II 

Sofia’s passion for massage therapy comes from a deeply ingrained fascination with the body’s
ability to physically store emotions and lived experiences. Having been on an ongoing personal
journey with her own mental health and self awareness, she discovered massage therapy as a
truly unique and beautiful career path, allowing her to facilitate healing for both herself and
others. Sofia received her massage therapy license in April 2022 and incorporates her
knowledge of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial techniques, and PNF into her practice.
She firmly believes in and practices “leading with love,” a concept presented by the late and
great bell hooks. Sofia aims to bring this practice into every massage and hopes that each of
her clients leaves feeling a little bit more in touch with the powerful love and light that our
universe has to offer.


Bryce Carver

He/Him | Licensed Massage Therapist | Reiki II | 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor| Certified Yin Yoga Instructor 

Born and raised in rural Maine, I learned the value of hard, honest work from my close-knit community and loving parents. Cultivating acceptance and compassion for others has always come naturally for me. I credit this ability, in large part, to finding the grace to embrace my identity as a gay man despite peers who weren’t ready to do so. In 2018 I graduated from Arcana’s Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Portland, Maine. This education propelled me on a path towards greater bodily awareness, and in 2022 I graduated from Colorado School of Healing Arts massage certification program in Lakewood, Colorado. Feeling called back to my roots, I journeyed back to Maine to become licensed as a massage therapist. My passion to spread healing and bodily awareness to others found wings and that is why I present to you today my abridged life story. I feel strongly that under the expertise of your company I can ground that passion with the application of my skills as a dedicated and earnest addition to the team.



Kristine Keegan
Reiki Training

She/Her | Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner | 500  hr Certified Yoga Teacher | Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Teacher  | Reiki III Practitioner | Arcana Reiki Teacher

Kristine started practicing yoga looking to provide balance to an over active, busy life. Time on the mat allowed her to take her focus inward. Embracing as much of the teachings she could get her hands on, she knew she found her passion ~ a true seeker on a path. Eleven years later, she still is deeply driven by the many aspects of the practice and to embrace the next steps as they come.As a teacher, Kristine loves to share yoga and its teachings to all the other seekers out there. Some of many teachers that influence her are: Jacqui Bonwell, Shiva Rea, Roberto Lim, Heidi MacVane, Danielle Toolan, and Sagel Urlacher.

Kristine is a graduate of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School and is also Yin Yoga and Restorative certified. As a Reiki healer, she offers energy work that can be often found woven into her classes. Kristine’s classes are energetic, fun and informative. All levels are welcomed.


Circe Moss MacDonald

She/Her | Licensed Massage Therapist | Integrative Bodyworker |Interfaith Chaplain | Polarity Therapist | Owner of Ritual Lab

Circe has been studying and working in the field of Holistic Health and Spirituality for 25 years after graduating from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1998.

Her careful, practiced skill at releasing tension brought on by daily stressors, repetitive motion, holding patterns, pain, and trauma gradually unwinds accumulated layers of stuck, stagnant energy. She incorporates breathwork and vibrational medicine that can refresh and replenish tired muscles.  Chronic issues can be treated with her methodical use of neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release; and soothed with hot stones, aromatherapy, or Reflexology.

Circe’s friendly and calm presence is focused on restoring balance and well-being. Her work as a Chaplain and Priestess has led her to practice Bereavement Bodywork: processing the physical and emotional impacts that grief has on the body, with gentleness and compassion. Etheric clearing and grounding, tending the soul, and elemental practices can be incorporated into a more magical session, upon request.

This is an amazing one-stop metaphysical shop. Pop in for gifts, stones, jewelry, yoga classes and/or a massage. And more! Support local small business and head to this beautiful Old Port shop today.
Kelsey Munksgaard
Kelsey Munksgaard
July 29, 2022.
Awesome people awesome business.
Melissa Wolford
Melissa Wolford
May 16, 2022.
Amazing store for all of your witchy and metaphysical needs. Forging the way for healthy work culture and equality in Portland. Their outreach and dedication to keeping Portland free of bigotry is inspiring. Definitely a go to location whilst in the city.
Luke Zatarra
Luke Zatarra
May 15, 2022.
Excellent place with excellent people <3
Anna Marie LaChance
Anna Marie LaChance
May 15, 2022.
beautiful space, amazing vibes.
Liane Souter
Liane Souter
May 15, 2022.
This place is FANTASTIC! The entire staff is down-to-earth will ALL their customers and their service is the BOMB! I will MOST DEFINITELY be coming back! Thank you again to the entire Staff at Acrana!
Tiffany Kane
Tiffany Kane
May 15, 2022.
Such a welcoming place, wonderful staff.
Nina R
Nina R
May 14, 2022.

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