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Hayley Costell

Licensed Massage Therapist | Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Beginning her journey as a dancer going to bodyworkers for related injuries, Hayley quickly became fascinated with the human body and it’s unique patterns of healing and compensatory movement. Diving right into massage soon after, she incorporated her knowledge of movement and musculature from both spheres of education to tailor each bodywork session to the individual client’s needs.
Hayley received her massage education from Panacea school of integrative health,
graduating in 2015, incorporating her knowledge of swedish massage techniques, myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, and craniosacral therapy into her massage practice.

Michel Fitz

Licensed Massage Therapist | Certified Polarity Therapist

Michel is a non-binary massage therapist and polarity practitioner who goes by
they/the/their pronouns. Michel’s main goal for each client is to provide a deeply
relaxing and nurturing space for healing to unfold. Whether through gentle polarity work
or deep myofascial release, Michel believes that the key to success and muscle
relaxation is a mind that is in a deep state of relaxation. They believe that a strong trust
bond between practitioner and the person receiving the work is fundamental in the
healing process and treats each individual with compassion, consideration and respect
for who they are and where they are in their journey of healing.Michel graduated for the
holistic massage program at SpaTech Institute in 2016 and has since working in the
greater Portland area specializing in myofascial release and integrated energy work.

Emily LeBlanc

Licensed Massage Therapist | Certified Cupping Therapist | Associate Polarity
Therapist | Reiki Practitioner

Emily is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Myofascial Release
Techniques as well as Energy Work. She sought out the Healing Arts for herself to help
with both her physical and emotional pain. The profound impact it had on her life
inspired her to share these gifts with other people struggling with similar problems.
Emily has been practicing for about two years now, and her goal is to address the body
as a whole (body, mind and soul). When Emily isn’t practicing healing arts, she’s often
creating other art forms such as paintings, drawings, metal art and wood sculpting.
She’s also passionate about eco therapy and art therapy, and has a vision of
incorporating it into her practice someday.

Robin Jameson

Licensed Massage Therapist | Qigong Therapist | Asian Healing Arts Practitioner

Robin has been giving bodywork since 2005. Her touch is present, caring and
skilled. She uses Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial massage together with Postural
Analysis and informed / intuitive touch to facilitate our body’s innate ability to heal.
Trained in Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Tibetan Ayurveda, she enjoys mixing acupressure, Qigong Therapy and Asian diagnostics into her work. Robin has been embodying her study of essential oils, herbs, diet, yoga, qigong and meditation since 1996. Due to chronic pain and illness from a major auto accident, Robin’s training is grounded in personal experience. She relocated to Portland Maine in 2017, after having spent nine years living and working in a small village in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. The richness of her life experience has matured into a deep empathy for the pain and struggle of others. She finds great joy in helping her clients find their unique expression of health and vitality.

"Love this store!! They carry such a unique variety of items .. I spent at least 45 minutes just walking around to look at everything!

The vibe in here is wonderful .. I could feel that the woman working there was there, not as an employee, but as a genuine ‘worker of the light’; I felt that in creating this wonderful little shop, and those working there have been working so hard, putting all their hearts and souls into this space, and it truly shows/ is felt! You can feel the ‘magic’ in the shop (I can still feel it coming off of the items I bought, which tells me that it’s certainly one of the true ones!) Such a cozy little place, but it’s filled with truly magical and powerful healing items, in such a wide variety - whatever you need, you can find it here!

I’ve only visited the shop once after hearing about it, but I’ll most definitely be back! So, here’s to Arcana - keep up the great work in being one of the brave ones working to make this world what it CAN, SHOULD, & WILL BE! YOUR LIGHT IS SO VERY NEEDED!

Sending much love and light your way!"

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